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Slingshot 315

Some time now I’m contributing to Slingshot, the research Journal of the Society of Ancients (published since 1964). Above you can see two typical issues, at least since the collaboration began.



(Βοοκ: Julius  Caesar: a biography)


Rome must be destroyed(Βοοκ: Rome  must  be  destroyed_  What If Alexander the Great had not died  so young?)



An  indicative  interview in  a  Greek  printed   newspaper  (ELEFTHEROTYPIA”).



    1. The Spartan army, 12th c.-188 BC, Athens 2006.
    2. The Celts, Athens 2007.
    3. Ancient Chinese armies, Athens 2008.
    4. Julius Caesar : a biography,  Athens 2008.
    5. Contribution to the collective: “Battle of Plataea, 479 BC”:  The Greek Hoplite in 490-479 BC, Athens 2008.
    6. Cleopatra the Great : a biography, Athens 2009.
    7. Naval warfare of the Greek revolutionary war, 1821-1829, Athens 2009.
    8. The struggle between the Byzantine Empire and Islam, AD 634-1461, Athens 2009.
    9. The Hellenistic world from Alexander the Great to the Roman conquest, Athens  2009
    10. The Trojan war : an archaeological, historical and military approach,  Athens 2010
    11. Contribution to the collective: “Battle of Gettysburg, 1863” (American Civil war), Athens 2011.
    12. The Battle of  Tripolitza, Peloponnesus 1821 (Greek  Revolutionary  war), Athens 2011.
    13. American Civil  war (to  be  released)
    14. Battle of  Granicus, 334 BC  (completed)
    15. Siege warfare of the Greeks and Romans (under way)
    16. Early  Greco-Roman  Wars  282-146  BC  (completed)



1. Military architecture of the ancient Near East and the Mediterranean (completed)

2. Military architecture of the ancient Greeks and the Byzantine Empire (under way)


1. Rome must be destroyed – What If Alexander the Great had not died  so young?,  Athens 2007

The official abstract of the novel:

What if Alexander the Great  had not died so young? Would he be able to conquer the peoples of the Known World of his era? This is an exciting novel on the adventures and the new conquests of the great king, on the glory that in reality his early death (only 33 years old) had deprived him of. Through the narration of Aelius Sembronius Vulca, an adventurous Roman mercenary in Alexander’s army, an enthralling era is coming alive. Vulca, the main hero of the novel, is following Alexander at every step of his campaigns, until around 315 BC the warrior-king turns against the peoples and states of the Western Mediterranean and dismisses all mercenaries from those regions.
Vulca, the devout soldier of Alexander who fought for ten years at his side ready to sacrifice his life for his commander, will be found on the battlefields confronting him and enemies who until then were his brotherly friends, defending his homeland against the formidable Macedonian phalanx … Will he manage to prepare Rome, Carthage and the other Italian and Western Mediterranean states for the approaching threat? A Rome torn, ravaged by wars in Italy, intrigues and personal ambitions? Alexander is determined: Rome has to open her gates or be destroyed!…

This unique alternative history novel is the first part of a trilogy on the hypothetical march of Alexander to the Western Mediterranean and Europe. It is a work based on solid historical evidence, which enthralls the reader from the first page. An exciting adventure historically based on the real plans of the great warrior-king which, if not cancelled by his sudden death, may have formed completely different the World map until today … A novel that came so close on becoming reality…

2. Epona’s Wild Horses (to  be  released)


(Βοοκ: Chinese  armies  771  BC – AD  617)
  (Βοοκ: The  Trojan  War)


Two Ukraines claiming the “Ukrainishness”, Eleftherotypia, March 19, 2014.
Turkey: the origins of political instability, Eleftherotypia, April 22, 2014.
Ukraine: the causes of modern disunity, Sunday E, April 27, 2014.


A  FEW  TITLES  OF  ARTICLES  ΟΝ  HISTORY  (in  Greek  historical  journals,  etc.:  Military  History,  History  Illustrated,  Historical  Issues,  What  If,  Naval  History,  Maritime  E  etc)

The Anglosaxon invasion in Britain
SubRoman Britain and the Sarmatian connection
King Arthur and the Sarmatian connection
Battle of Fredericksburg(ACW)
Middle Byzantine battle tactics
Cataphraktarii and Clibanarii: Late Roman armoured cavalry
Late Roman and Early Byzantine heavy and light cavalry
Quinqereme: the most powerful warship of Antiquity
The Armada campaign, 1588.
Athenian army, 9th-1st c. BC
The Spartan navy, 8th-3rd c. BC
What if: the Byzantines win the battle of Mantzikert, 1071.
The Avars
Marcomanni and Quadi: founders of modernBavaria
Battle of Colenso, 2nd South African war.
Battle of river Thatis, 310 BC (Scythians against Sarmatians)
Oliver Cromwell
Battles of Trenton and Princeton (American War of Independence)
Battle of Daras (Byzantino-Sassanid wars)
Operation ‘Dragoon’, 2nd World War.
Sea battle of Ecnomos, 256 BC
Roman triremes and liburnae (libirinides, light warships)
The Minoan navy, 2nd millennium BC
Gela: a military machine of ancient Sicily.
Gemploux 1940, 2nd World War.
The Goths
The Alans
Hunnic peoples: from China to Gaul
Sarmatian peoples
The early history of Virginia(16th-17th c.)
“Great Harry & ‘Revenge”: two famous English warships (16th c.).
Lethal trap in La Higuera: The end of Che Guevara
Adolph Hitler as a general and military leader
Battles of Kyme and Aricia (6th-5th c. BC, Etruscans against Italiote Greeks).
Minyes and Lapithes: Warriors and Seafarers of MycenaeanGreece
The Sea Peoples invade Egypt(13th-12th c. BC)
The Sea Peoples invade the Hittite Empire (13th-12th c. BC)
Prolemaic heavy infantry
Civil war and Genocide in Rwanda and Burundi (20th cent.)
The Sassanid Persians
The end of the Athenian navy (323-322 BC)
Early history of the Scythians
The Scythians in Europe
The late history of the Scythians
Selinous (ancient Sicily)
Taras (ancient Italy)
Sybarisand Croton (ancientItaly)
Generals of Alexander the Great
Officers of Alexander the Great
Wars of the Tang Empire (China)
Mycenaean wars before the Trojan war
Tamerlane (Timur Lenk)
Battles of Amorion and Lalakaon (Byzantine)
Argyraspides and Sarissophoroi: elite infantry of the Seleucides
Dorieus the Spartan
Fort Carolin, 1562-1580 (Spanish against Huguenot French in Florida, North America)
Vercingetorix, Greatest of the Gauls
Battle of Kircholm 1605 (Swedish-Polish wars)
Battle of Kokenhauzen 1601 (Swedish-Polish wars)
Greek, Ottoman and Albanian warfare during the Greek War of Independence, 1821-1829

and more


Cleopatra the Great- a biography

(Βοοκ: Cleopatra the Great: a biography)


The Hellenistic world from Alexander the Great to the Roman conquest

(Βοοκ: The Hellenistic world from Alexander the Great to the Roman conquest)


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