Scientists solve the mystery of Terracotta Army weapons

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Republication from  sciencedaily.com

Photo credit: New York Times


Source: University College London

The chrome plating on the Terracotta Army bronze weapons — once thought to be the earliest form of anti-rust technology — derives from a decorative varnish rather than a preservation technique, finds a new study co-led by UCL and Terracotta Army Museum researchers.

The study, published today in Scientific Reports, reveals that the chemical composition and characteristics of the surrounding soil, rather than chromium, may be responsible for the weapons’ famous preservation power.


The Making of PRC: The gradual territorial advance of Mao Zedong’s Red Army in China

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Four maps on the gradual territorial advance of Mao Zedong’s Communist Army (red colour) in China from 1946 to 1950, after bloody fighting against the Nationalist army and other local forces (white colour). The