A magnificent reenactment of a Greek Hoplite phalanx advancing on the battlefield, by the Spanish historical association and reenactment group Athenea Promakhos, one of the best in the world concerning the topic of ancient Greek warfare (copyright: Ana Belen Rubio/ Athenea Promakhos). Felicitations to them for their work.

            A variety of helmets, crests, shield emblems and other features can be seen in this re-enactment, representing a hoplite phalanx of approximately the first half of the 5th century BC, at least judging by the military items shown in the photo.

            The first half of the 5th century BC was the era of the Greco-Persian Wars and the start of the rivalry between Sparta and Athens which escalated and finally resulted in the Peloponnesian War. Greek city-states such as Sparta, Argos, Mantinea, Athens, Thebes, Syracuse, Croton and many others brought hoplite warfare to its climax during this era.