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A team of researchers led by Valerii Guliaev, the head of the Don expedition has discovered a burial mound containing remnants of four Scythian women. Interestingly, the burial mound had several impressive grave goods, and it included one of the most complete golden headdresses ever unearthed in the Don excavation site, Russia.

Even though expeditions are being carried out in this area since 2010, this is for the first time that such a special headdress gets unearthed from this site. In the newly discovered barrow, four women of different ages were buried, and it includes two young women of 20-29 years old and 25-35 years old, a teenage girl of 12-13 years old and a middle-aged woman of 45-50 years old.

Guilaev announced details of this finding at the session of the Academic Council of IA RAS on Dec. 6, 2019. “Such headdresses have been found a bit more than two dozen and they all were in ‘tzar’ or not very rich barrows of the steppe zone of Scythia. We first found such headdress in the barrows of the forest-steppe zone and what is more interesting the headdress was first found in the burial of an Amazon,” said Guilaev, in a recent statement.

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