P.  Deligiannis

A rare and interesting urban and topographical plan of Shaiginskoye, a Jurchen settlement of the Middle Ages centuries in Primorye Territory of the modern Russian Federation. Shaiginskoye is a unique monument of the Jurchen people who inhabited the Primorye Territory in the Middle Ages before the coming of the Russians. It was a large town with many ramparts, residential buildings and factories.

The Jurchen were a tribal confederation of  Tungus and affiliated peoples. They were the founders of the Jin dynasty (1115–1234) in Manchuria and China proper, and the ancestors of the even more powerful Manchu people who conquered the entire Chinese area (around 1644) establishing the Qing dynasty who ruled China until 1912.

Also a map of the Jin Jurchen dynasty territory, a flourishing time for Shaiginskoye (credit: wikimedia commons).