A map of the Hittite Empire as a prelude to an upcoming article . In red colour, the core territory of

of the Hittites, along with the capital Hattusa and the Hittite metropolis Nesa. In orange, the HIttite expansion. In green, the adversary Pharaonic Egyptian Kdm along with its new capital Pi-Ramese (the City of Ramses). The site of Qadesh is the location of a major battle between the forces of the Hittite and the Egyptian empire. Tarzi is the classical city of Tarsos. Kizzuwatna is the classical district of Cilicia, inhabited mainly by Luwians. Wilusa is supposed to be Homer’s Troy but I do not agree with this, Wilusa being rather an inland Anatolian district with Luwian population. Carchemish and Alalah were major centers of this era, predominately Amorrite.

Millawanda was a Mycenaean colony in Asia Minor, the classical Miletos. Alasiya was the island of Cyprus and Keftiu was the Egyptian name for the Minoans. Arzawa was a confederation of mainly Luwian kingdoms, tribes, principalities and independent districts. The other large confederation of Anatolia in this era was Assuwa in northwest Asia Minor, Troy being its most important member (Wikimedia commons)