A clash between Tang Chinese (on the left) and Koreans (The Tang Army, Montvert publications). Note the shield of the Chinese infantryman on the left.




I go on with modern reliable images of Chinese troops bearing shields from the Shang Dynasty Era up to the 19th century in order to demonstrate specifically the evolution of the Chinese shields. There are also a few examples of Korean and Japanese shields which are closely related to the Chinese ones, sometimes being almost identical with them.

The images of this part (and part III that will follow) depict more shield bearing troops in order to demonstrate specifically the evolution of the Chinese shields (not in chronological order): a Shang Dynasty noble warrior (Wargaming.net), another Shang Dynasty warrior with a bronze mask, a Han Dynasty heavy swordsman with a shield (among two other Han figures in a Russian publication), a Sung or Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty Chinese swordsman, some Sui dynasty troops with the central infantryman bearing a shield (Osprey publishing), a Han Dynasty light swordsman, a tigerman of the 19th century with an elaborate shield, an example of Japanese confronting the Sino-Mongol army covered behind static tower shields during the Mongol invasions of Japan (image by R. Hook from a book by S. Turnbull) and finally a map of the territorial extent (yellow and brown colors) of the Shang Dynasty kdm to demonstrate the political frame..