These are some interesting maps on the Dioekeseis of Alexander the Great’s State, aka the old satrapies of the Achaemenid State which he conquered, that is the administrative districts of the old Persian empire. Alexander and his Successors generally used the same administrative system but actually they did not use (at least officially) the Persian term ‘satrapy’ but their own Greek term ‘dioekesis’ which had the same meaning. The governor of a dioekesis was the dioeketes, the one that the Persians used to call ‘satrap’ (‘kshatrapa’ in Avestan Persian, coming from the same root as the Indo-Aryan ‘kshatriya’).

The first map showing Alexander’s campaign and the districts (satrapies) of the Achaemenid kingdom was engraved for C.Zumpt, Q. Curtii Rufi de Gestis Alexandri Magni, Braunschweig 1849.
The second map by John Popovic (copyright 1997) depicts the hypothetical boundaries of these districts, the Macedonian Dioekeseis.

Metropolitan Macedonia, South Greece and Ionia-Aeolis are depicted in red. The Indian satrapies are marked in green.