Partitions of the initial Frankish kingdom.
Some interesting maps on the partition of the Frankish Kingdom by the treaties of Verdun (843) and Mersen (870). By the former treaty, the initial Frankish empire was divided into a West Frankish kingdom (ancestor state of modern France), an East Frankish kingdom (ancestor state of modern Germany) and Lotharingia in the middle. By the treaty of Mersen, the Kingdom of Lothair was limited in modern North Italy and Burgundy.

It could be said that the domain of Lothair may have been the ancestor state of modern Italy but this is not so true due to the fact that this kingdom was short-lived and soon Burgundy became independent while the remaining Kdm of Italy came under the political influence of the German emperor.

The West Frankish kingdom (France) and the kdm of Burgundy in 1032

The East Frankish kingdom in 962.